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Charity Week Canada

About Charity Week Canada

Charity Week Canada launched in early 2013 to unite with those across the globe in the UK to raise money for orphans and needy children across the world. The vision of Charity Week is simple – to unite the Ummah and become a stronger collective force to make a positive change in the world through raising money for orphans and needy children worldwide. The success story of Charity Week can be seen in the UK where over $3 million has been raised to fund the education of girls in Bangladesh, building of schools in Pakistan, sponsorship of orphans in Gaza, malnutrition treatment of children in East Africa and many more.

The Toronto team has joined forces with UK and other countries across the world to raise even more money to help orphans and needy children across the world, while reinforcing the message of unity across communities!

Meet the Canada team

CW2015 Canada Structure-Jul27-15

Click on the image or follow this link to learn more about the Canada CW team.

Why your institution should sign up to Charity Week Canada

Get your institution involved in Charity Week Canada – whether it’s a university, school, mosque, youth group – there is a place for everyone in Charity Week. Charity Week can:

  • Unite your institution and its members to make a positive change
  • Make your institution stronger
  • Allow you to build a positive image of Islam and participate in positive Da’wah on campus
  • Build leadership capability and skills
  • …and much more

Not only that, the Charity Week Canada team is always on hand to offer support. From the provision of resources such as posters, leaflets, buckets and t-shirts to training, advice and resource tools to help you plan the best week ever.

Get in touch

If you are interested in volunteering and would like more information on how your institution can participate in Charity Week Canada, please contact us at or follow us on facebook and twitter.

Charity Week Canada Dates

Charity Week in Canada will take place between Monday 28th September – Sunday 4th October

One Week. One Cause. All the difference.